The King's Academy 2019-2020 New Application Form - Part 1

Thank you for your interest in applying to The King's Academy! Please complete this form and answer these questions for each child that is applying. Once you have submitted this form, you will be sent Part 2 - a Google form - to complete the application process.

Online Inquiry Form

Applicant Information
Student Background
Additional Information
* School District of Residence
List Medications
List Allergies
* Hospital Preference
* Family Doctor's Name
* Family Doctor's Phone
Medical Comments
Immunization Record
* Emergency Contact: Name & Phone
Authorized Pick Up: Name & Phone
NOT Authorized for Pick Up
* Acetaminophen
* Ibruprofen
* Benadryl
* Sudafed
* Robitussin
* Tums
* Midol
* Papaya
* Emetrol
* Visine Eye Drops
IEP or 504 Plan
Copy of Report Card
Copy of Transcript
Other Academic Documentation
Family Information