Islamic Center of Boston

Assalam o Alaikum - Thank you for expressing your interest in our school. We are excited to learn more about your student and family. Please complete this Application Form as the first step into our community. Please note the following:

  • APPLICANT INFORMATION refers to your child.
  • In this form, you are the 1ST PARENT. We require information for both parents or legal guardians. Therefore, if your child has another parent or legal guardian, enter that information as 2ND PARENT.
  • ICB Sunday School is a community run program and parent participation is required when your child is enrolled. The school has a robust range of activities you can volunteer for. You will be asked to provide your first choice of volunteer activity below.
  • ICB Sunday School offers a PREFERRED ADMISSION path for children whose parent(s) are selected to be teachers - this is called PATP, Preferred Admission Teaching Program. Offering your services as a teacher at ICB fulfills your mandatory volunteer requirements. If interested, please complete PATP questions below.
  • Once you complete the form you will be taken to a confirmation page on the ICB Wayland website. Please make sure to read that page for next steps.

Online Inquiry Form

Applicant Information
Student Background
Additional Information
* Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Passport, School Report Card, etc.)
Are you applying for the Preferred Admission Teacher Program (PATP)?
If applying for PATP, do you agree to the PATP Guideline
If applying for PATP, please provide Educational Background, including degrees:
If applying for PATP, please please provide a brief work history or other relevant experience (example: positions in non-profits, schools, masajid etc).:
If applying for PATP, please provide Teaching experience, if any (optional):
If applying for PATP, please provide relevant experience with Arabic or Quran, if any (optional):
If applying for PATP, what strengths would you bring to a class to help fulfill School’s Mission
If applying for PATP, what grades or ages would you prefer to work with?
* Preferred Session
* I agree to the Image Authorization Form at this LINK
* Does your child have another legal guardian (“2nd Parent”)? Note that YOU will fill out 1st Parent information below.
2nd Parent Full Name (First MI Last)
2nd Parent Email Address
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Is the 2nd Parent address same as Primary Parent?
If different, 2nd Parent Home Address
2nd Parent Relationship with Student
Did you apply for admission last year?
Grade Level in Upcoming School Year (in September of this year):
Beginning in the next school year, all families will be assigned to be on-call as a substitute teacher for two (2) Sundays in the school year, unless one parent is serving as a teacher. Please confirm that you agree to this required service:
A minimum of 4 hours per child of parent service is required for your child/ren’s continued enrollment. For the upcoming school year, please list your first choice of roles you will fill.
Family Information